Monday, March 28, 2011

How it all began

It all began with some rope.  Rope and a bag full of scrap fabric that my sister collected from her quilting projects.  “Try to make a basket,” she said.  She is always full of project ideas.  Did I mention she is a saint?

Anyway.  She showed me how to wrap the fabric strips around the rope.  Around and around.  It was almost hypnotic.  And the bag of fabric strips promised so many expressions of color – bright greens that leaned towards the warmth of yellow and dark greens that moved toward the coolness of blue, reds that burned into orange or cooled into violet.  So many possibilities!

So I wrapped and wrapped and buried my hands into the pile of fabric strips pulling up new promises.

I was addicted.


  1. Welcome to blogland :) Nice start!

  2. I have one of Alene's baskets in my apartment, filled with her newest project: soap! Smells lovely and looks pretty.

  3. Hi Val! I came across your work on Etsy. Beautiful! The blog looks really promising too!
    I will be back!
    Hugs, Lina in Sweden

  4. You're baskets are great! Beautifully made and with lovely colour combinations.

  5. I am ever so impressed with your baskets!


  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone!


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