Monday, June 13, 2011

Bohemian Bag Expressions

When I find a pattern or structure that I enjoy, I want to see it expressed in many ways.  This is how I came to make all those baskets in my Etsy Shop.  This is also why I am still playing with Bohemian Bags!

Here are a few of the latest “bag expressions”.

I made this first bag from fabric I bought at a street market in Provence.  I love the warmth of these colors.

I call this next pouch, "The Manly Bag".  I used earthy plaids and stripes to make this for my Dad for Father's Day.

This last bag was upcycled from fabric given to me by my dear friend, Penny.  As a thank you, I made Penny this funky pouch.

If you use my Bohemian Bag Tutorial to make a bag, I would love to see the results!  You can post a link in your comments.  Enjoy!

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