Sunday, September 25, 2011

Market Baskets - Vienna Style

My style morphing

The wonder of any craft or art form lies in its many expressions.  It morphs and evolves as environments change. 

Color forms

I love making baskets because of the countless expressions these forms can take – shapes, colors, even functions shift.

Here in Vienna folks like to go to the market carrying their own bag or basket.  With that in mind, I have come up with a couple of new designs for my own version of a market basket.

This first one is "Jen's Basket".  I made it for my friend, Jen, who grew up by the sea.  I choose colors and patterns that reminded me of our oceans...

Jen's Basket

Jen's Basket - close up

This second design is called, "Vienna Market".  It is the perfect basket for that jaunt down the street to the market.

Vienna Market Basket

Vienna Market Basket - close up

What do you think?


  1. What beautiful bags! They look exquisitely made.
    You mention that you live in 'the land of Hundertwasser' - he is my favourite artist ever, I want to go to that land one day

  2. Thanks for your comments, ladies. Julie, Hundertwasser is one of my favorites. An inspiration!

  3. Beautiful baskets, I love the colours and the detail.

  4. Your work is so amazing! I saw it a few weeks ago on Stephanie's blog and am happy to have found your blog through the Creative Courage course.

  5. I like Hundertwasser and this bag too :))

  6. and this folding screen is wonderful!

  7. diohej, your bags are so fantastic! thanks for your comment. :)


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