Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A gift of possibilities

Fabric scraps

The possibilities are endless.  That is why I love playing with colors and textures.  Each basket and bag emerges from the pieces to become a unique whole.

Sometimes fate helps in this wonder of creation.  Last month I entered Herbert Rieger’s lovely shop in Vienna.  Rieger fashions colorful clothing using sumptuous silks and delicate lace.  The fabrics are a dream!

Rieger fabrics

Silks and lace

Rieger designs and makes his clothing in a large studio in the rear of his shop.  When I saw the mounds of fabric scraps strewn throughout the workshop, my mouth dropped open and I began to salivate.  What riches!  Imagine my joy when Herbert agreed to give me a load to take home.

A gift from Herbert

I have begun to experiment with these new materials – satins and silks, lace and crepe.

I call this a Boudoir Basket.  It has a feminine look and feel.

The Boudoir Basket

Here is an interior shot...

An inside look

I also thought it would be fun to make an evening bag or clutch.  After all, the Vienna Ball Season is here!

Wear it with handles

Use it as a clutch

Here is an interior shot...

The inside view

If you are ever in Vienna, check out Herbert Rieger.  The clothes are one-of-a-kind and simply lovely.

I hope to have more of these new designs in my Etsy Shop soon.  In the mean time, I would love to hear some feedback from you...

Happy New Year!


  1. Valerie,
    What good luck!! Your things are just fabulous! Happy New Year.

  2. Hi Val,

    Love your blog and your creativity. What an exciting gift of new materials to experiment with! Happy New Year from Texas.

  3. Marie, Sarah,

    Many thanks for your positive comments!

    Happy New Year,

    Valerie :)


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