Friday, May 25, 2012

Treating myself

The original figls burger

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.  In Vienna that could take so many forms.

What would an American living overseas for long periods of time do to treat herself here?  A hamburger!

Perhaps it is sinful.  (I hope my veggievore friends will forgive me.) I should have gone to a sophisticated cafe and had a melange and sachertorte.


I went to figls.  They make the best burgers in Vienna!  (The pretzels and beer are pretty good too.)

Yes, that is really the size of a pretzel at figls

I ate the whole thing... well, almost.

Comes with roasted eggplant and peppers
What's your favorite treat?


  1. Wow that looks absolutely delish!!! My favourite treat involves anything with chocolate but I'm quitting sugar so my new fav afternoon pick me up is blending almond milk, ice, cinnamon, raw chocolate and some frozen banana. Perfect for his hot weather. And I'm going for sushi tonight, always a treat!

    1. That pick-me-up sounds delicious! Time to head to the kitchen...

  2. Those photographs are mouth-watering! As for my favorite treat? It's whatever it is my daughter and I have baked for the week. This past week-- ginger and molasses cupcakes with whipped cream frosting =)

  3. Gelato.....not gonna lie. That and plain Avocados


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