Friday, June 15, 2012

Glass expressions

What is it about glass?  It is the way light reflects upon it, or travels through it?  Is it sharpness?  Perhaps its fragile nature?  Glass can shatter; glass can crack.  

I don’t know.

But these questions came to me when I recently visited the Vienna studio of glass artist Magusia Johansson.  Magusia, originally from Poland, studied glass in Sweden.  Her glass works are expressions of color and light – blues and greens in geometric dance, black and burgundy in parallel and intersecting lines, pinks, greens, oranges…

Magusia showed us her materials and tools, and talked about the process of turning glass sheets into plates, light fixtures, and jewelry.  Everything in her studio is meticulously labeled and stored – glass powders, strips, tubes, and slabs.  The process of and the product say, professional.

Tools and materials

We all felt we'd entered a candy store!  Here are some of Magusia’s pieces…

Glass candy!

We finished the morning with a little celebration of sweets at Magusia's lovely table.  It seemed fitting.

At Magusia's table

To learn more about Magusia and her work, visit her website.  


  1. Oh, how beautiful! Glass is amazing and I love the questions you ask at the beginning. I find the process of glass-blowing and fusing simply fascinating. Great photos- looks like a fantastic day!

  2. Those are Awesome! They look like pastries and goodies themselves! Nice photos too lady! see you back in our FB group :)


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