Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Upper Austria - A trip to Steyr

Along the Steyr River
Last weekend we visited Upper Austria and the city of Steyr, where the rivers Enns and Steyr meet.  Steyr is one of the best preserved towns in Austria.  It's square or "Stadtplatz" winds long and narrow like the adjacent Enns River.

Along the Enns River
We were lucky enough to meet a wonderful lady - a friend of a friend - who took us to view Steyr from the heights of St. Michael's Church.
St. Michael's Church, Steyr
The views from above were spectacular.
Steyr viewed from St. Michael's Church
We also entered one of the best preserved Gothic buildings on the Stadtplatz, the Bummerlhaus. To get there from the church, we had to descend a long narrow covered passage.

Descending to the Bummerlhaus
We knocked on the door and much to our surprise the caretaker let us in!  We discovered a lovely ancient courtyard inside.
Bummerlhaus exteriors (left) and interiors (right)
Another impressive structure, just across from the Bummerlhaus, is the Town Hall or "Rathaus", with its Rococo facade.  I particularly liked the creature suspended above the main balcony.  It looked like a lion/goat with flames burning from all orifices.  What is that all about?

The Rathaus of Steyr
The flaming lion/goat of the Rathaus
There are so many lovely details to discover in Steyr.  I have to share a few more!  For example, the house where Schubert stayed...

Schubert was here...

And the building with the cannon ball, a suspended relic from past battles...

The trapped cannon ball
Many thanks to dear friends in Upper Austria for showing us beautiful Steyr.  If you are ever in Austria, I encourage you to visit this picturesque city of red rooftops and rivers.

Walking path along the Steyr River
Do you have a favorite place in Austria?


  1. The aerial shots are wonderful. What a beautiful photo tour.

  2. Sara and Krystarka, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow steyr Kris Angel is great too i am gonna be there.!!


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