Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Perfect Tool

I am busy back at the sewing machine after weeks of travel and house guests.  I am especially proud of a new Vienna Market Basket I just finished and listed in my Etsy shop.

Vienna Market Basket from SquareCircleWorks

These baskets require over 100 feet of rope, which I hand wrap with new and upcycled fabrics.  It can take a couple of days just to complete the wrapping process!  I use a zigzag stitch to sew the wrapped rope into the large basket form.  It takes over 500 yards of thread just to make the basket body!

Vienna Market Basket from SquareCircleWorks

If you haven't purchased thread in awhile, you may be surprised that is quite pricey, especially here in Austria.  So, imagine how happy I was to find a perfect tool to support my thread habit - the Superior Heavy-Duty Thread Stand.  It was a bargain at $15.99.

Using my new thread stand

This metal thread stand holds large thread cones made for Serger sewing machines.  It works like a charm on my little Toyota machine.  Now I spend less money on thread (by buying the larger cones) and less time changing spools. Yay!

Now if they could only invent an attachment for a super-sized bobbin!


  1. so beautiful!! congratulations, Valerie! how are the sales?
    btw what's a BOBBIN?
    where are you living now? - long time no see....my fault, I'm afraid. :-(

  2. Hi Marketa, Thanks for your kind words! I am still in Vienna. :)


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