Sunday, November 11, 2012

When there's beauty in a regentag

You know you're in Vienna when…  there's beauty in a regentag.  Regentag means "rainy day" in German.  A regentag can be a wonderful way to see Vienna because - if you pay attention - you' ll see the place transformed.

On a rainy day, light, color, and texture change.  Tones deepen.  Objects shine.

I credit Viennese artist, Friedenreich Hundertwasser for teaching me about rainy days. Hundertwasser loved these days so much that he chose to call his ship The Regentag.  He even added the word to his name!

BTW, if you're in Vienna and want to see some of Hundertwasser's inspiring, colorful, and fun art, take a visit to the Kunshaus Wien.  Do it on a rainy day!

Happy Regentag!

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