Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exploring Fantastic Art

Pencilscape - watercolor and ink

In the midst of planning for an international move, I'm indulging in another Coursera course. (Makes sense, right?)  If you have not visited this MOOC site, and you love learning, get over there now!  (btw, MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses.)

This latest class is Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques, taught by Anna Divinsky out of Penn State. We've been discussing 20th century Fantastic art, and looking at some of my favorite artists - Rousseau, Chagall, Miró...

Not only are we examining works of art, but we are creating pieces as well! This is fun and challenging.

Above is my first piece titled, Pencilscape. Here's a close up...

Pencilscape - close up

There's a story behind the painting. I had as much fun imagining the story as painting the piece:

I am dreaming. I’ve traveled by ship across the sea to a new land, where my future lies. As we approach, a magnificent city comes into view. I see buildings of all sizes and shapes – tall, short, thin, stout – reaching upward. The sky is filled with clouds, and perhaps a storm is coming.

Our ship closes in, and I notice that the buildings are not buildings at all, but giant pencils, and the clouds are plumes of colors, that flow from the pencils. The sea is cool and clear, but my future city is a chaotic and frenzied unknown. I see possibility, but I am afraid.

If you know me, you know what's behind this story.

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