Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just like me

I was little, not more than 5 or 6.  It was a warm day, probably summer.  I was lying in the cool grass on my stomach, examining a single green blade.  I remember thinking.  Somewhere in another world there is a girl just like me, and she is staring at a blade of grass that is just like this blade of grass.

We are told that we are unique, that there is no one like us in the whole universe.  Yet at a young age I imagined the opposite!  The thought that there was someone out there just like me gave me comfort; and it filled me with wonder.  What was that little girl thinking as she looked at that blade of grass?  Was she thinking the same thing I was thinking?  Was she wondering about me?


  1. I still feel the same. and whenever someone tells me that I remind him of someone else I keep thinking: maybe he spotted my secret twin?

  2. oh my! I'm do something similar. When I was very young I learned about Doppelgaengers... and since then have always wondered where mine was and what she was doing... was she thinking about me at all? Is the blue I see, the same as hers? Is she happy?
    I haven't thought of her in years. Thanks for the reminder! Fun little post ;0}

  3. Hi there! I had no idea that others experienced something similar. Where do you suppose that comes from?


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