Sunday, June 3, 2012

Traveling Austria - A view of Hallstatt

On a recent weekend we drove to the mountain village of Hallstatt.  The drive through the Alps was beautiful, soft green hills gradually morphing into tall rugged rocky behemoths.

In the Austrian Alps

Our hotel was right on the lake adjacent the village square.  We looked out on the square, its fountain and statue, and the lovely little shops and inns that lined the perimeter.

Hallstatt town square

On Saturday we hiked up the mountain to the salt mines.  The path was steep, but along the way we stopped to enjoy the view, and take photos.  The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and they have placards along the trail, explaining the history of salt mining there.  People began to mine in Hallstatt in 5000 BC.  In fact, the name, Hallstatt, comes from the Celtic word for salt, “Hall”.

View from the trail

Old mine entrance

On Sunday we rented a little electric boat and took a ride around the lake.  The water was like glass, the mountains reflected in it.  I loved seeing all the covered boathouses.

On the lake

Hallstatt reflection - view on the water

Ah... Austrian Alps.


  1. Indeed, beautiful, natures best.

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

  3. Great info, thanks so much for sharing,Kris Angel

  4. I just visited Hallstatt around 2 weeks prior and I felt it was one of the most stunning places I've ever seen.Wished I had more opportunity to spend.Possibly I'll stay a night or two next time.Hallstatt looks precisely like the beautiful photos you shared!


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