Monday, December 31, 2012

When it's Silvester

You know you're in Vienna when… it's Silvester, and the eve of the new year.

"Prosit Neujahr!" in Vienna by Emil Stefanov

On this last day of the year, I have much to celebrate. My family is healthy, my life is full of love, and I have opportunities to learn and grow every day.  

The Austrians call New Years, Silvester - as it falls on Saint Sylvester's Day - and there is no better place to celebrate the new year than in Vienna. 

I can feel the energy rise this morning as the Viennese anticipate tonight's party. In Vienna on Silvester the whole city comes alive. Each marketplace, plaza, and square is a party. Stands and kiosks are erected to present music and food, and sell good luck charms. Lights and banners are strung along storefronts and across streets. Scents of sweet and savory treats fill the air.

New Year in Vienna - Nouvel an à Vienne by Gepat

It gets busy downtown as people gather to listen to music, drink Sekt - Austrian sparkling wine - and walk the narrow streets and wide plazas from party to party. There's pop, techno, and yes, waltz!

As midnight approaches the fireworks begin. The skies of the city come alive in a display of color, light, and sound.  I have never seen a city light up the way Vienna does on Silvester. Some say the Austrians light fireworks to chase evil spirits away.

It seems fitting to end this You know Your'e in Vienna When series on this last day of 2012. In the coming year I leave Vienna. It is bittersweet. I love this beautiful city, yet I am excited about discoveries that await.

So, here's to beginnings... Happy Silvester!

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