Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Musings at the Klinick

Wiener Privat Klinick

Sometimes you’ve got to catch what life throws your way. That’s me today… sitting in my bed at the Klinick. It’s hot here, but not intolerably so. It’s noisy too.

My roommate wants to keep the window open.

The asphalt trucks working on the street below spew fumes that float upward and into our room, and I feel that slight headache, the one that sits on the edge of your eyeballs and tells you not to make any quick movements.

Then there’s that gnat dancing around my head.

So far all that’s tolerable too. After all, I have Spotify on Classical, listening to a Mozart concerto.

Call me an idealist, or an optimist, or even a bit goofy, but I’m glad to be here. Glad to be alive to smell that exhaust and to hear that rumble of heavy equipment. So what I’m wearing silly white compression stockings? Maybe my meds are off…

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