Friday, September 9, 2011

Luis Solano - Inspiration at play

Painting by Luis Solano

If you ask what inspires me, my first thought might be paintings – colorful, passionate pieces.  Rich.  Almost wasteful!

Oh, I do love soft subtle paintings.  But when they are loud and happy and playful, well, I sing!  Perhaps that is why I love Gauguin, Van Gogh, Klimt.  (Perhaps that is why my baskets are so colorful.)

Painting by Luis Solano

One Californian artist has inspired me lately.  His bright pieces evoke the symbols and icons of his Mexican ancestry – Aztec gold, ancient gods.   His name is Luis Solano.

Painting by Luis Solano
Painting by Luis Solano

My mom and I recently met Luis near his studio in Moss Landing, California.

Artist, Luis Solano, with my mom

Luis is not only talented and prolific; he is a really nice person.  If you are ever near Moss Landing, check out La Galleria Uno and La Galleria Dos, where he shows a number of his pieces (and where I took these photos).

What do you think of Luis' work?


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