A little about me


My name is Valerie, and I just to moved to Seattle, Washington.

A little about me

I am from California, but I have lived the life of a vagabond for most of my adult life, moving from country to country with my family.  I have lived in eight countries in all – in the Caribbean, North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe.  Each place has shaped me, taught me, and exposed me to new perspectives.

I have a master’s degree in education, I am a professional facilitator, and I teach critical and creative thinking for an online university in the US.  I am a basket maker, obsessed with patterns, color relationships, and textures.  I sell my baskets at local markets in Vienna, and in my Etsy shop, SquareCircleWorks.

Why blog?

This blog is a place to share my creative process and the world that inspires me.  I hope to move others to be creative, and to see and appreciate beauty in its unexpected forms.

Other bits

I love baking bread, in all its manifestations; it is therapy.
I have a Romanian street cat named Dusty, whose ways are still a mystery to me.
I would never give up carbs; bread and pasta are too important.
You will always find a bottle of sparkling wine in my fridge.  Let's celebrate!

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