Saturday, March 9, 2013

A time for baskets

Hand-wrapped baskets from SquareCircleWorks

Easter is coming. This is a traditional time for one of my favorite things... baskets! I spend a lot of time looking at these lovely woven works. What captivates me? Color, shape, texture? Maybe it's the utility of a basket that draws me to it. After all, baskets are relatively light and they can hold lots of stuff!

Maybe there is just something primal about a basket. Did you know that basket weaving may be the oldest form of textile art on the planet? (University of Arizona)

Traditionally, baskets were made of natural fibers - willow, pine needles, and reed, for example. Many crafters still use traditional materials and methods.  Becky Bechtel of BrightExpectations makes beautiful baskets following this style.

Large Woven Reed Storage Basket from BrightExpectations

Deb Grenert of lureart takes the traditional and adds a twist. A basket woven around a piece of driftwood...

Coiled pine needle bowl with driftwood by lureart

Today basket makers have added non-traditional materials to the mix - wire, plastic bags, and magazines, for instance.

Check these lovelies out. How about a basket made of recycled plastic bags?

Recycled plastic bag basket from SARAHRACHA

Here's a cool basket made from junk mail.

Upcycled paper basket from Find Your Happy

I love the fun colors in this yarn basket.

Yarn coiled basket from JCStars

Now THAT's eye candy!

Have a great day, everyone...


Womeldorff, Sara. “Basket Weaving: Old Tradition to New Art Form.” The University of Arizona, n.d.

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