Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stay Cool Fruit Salad – perfect for summer

Stay cool!

It is hot in Vienna this week.  So hot.  There is no way I am turning on the oven.  (If you follow my blog, you know that is a BIG deal for me!)

What does one eat on a hot summer day?  I have just the treat – Stay Cool Fruit Salad.  (Yes, I made that up.)

I started to make this salad years ago when I was a college student in California – the land of fruits and nuts.  (Smile.)  It is delicious and nutritious.  And the best part about it – it is simple to make!


3/4 cup steamed rice (white or brown)
1 banana, sliced
¼ cup strawberry pieces
¼ cup cherry halves
¼ cup plain yogurt (or flavored, if you prefer)
2 tbsp. seeds (I chose pumpkin and sunflower seeds)
2 tbsp. dried fruit (I like raisins and dried cranberries)
1 tbsp. honey (optional)

Fresh ingredients


Add the rice to a deep bowl, and layer with fruit.  Cover the rice and fruit with the yogurt, and then sprinkle on the seeds and dried fruit.  Drizzle on honey as a final touch, if you want it sweeter.

Delicious and...  

This dish is especially good when the rice is still warm!

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