Friday, October 25, 2013

Hello Fall

Here I am, once again waiting for my soul to catch up. The past months have been a blur of movement. We crossed two continents by air, an ocean by sea, and three states by land. Whew!

We arrived in Seattle, where fall is on full flame. It is beautiful, but promises the bareness of winter.

This week I went out to discover a new park, the Washington Park Arboretum. If you have not visited the gardens here, I encourage you to explore its expansive collections of maples, birches, poplars, and mountain ash.

These exquisite gardens remind me of Turkenschanz in Vienna.

I hear the Arboretum azaleas and rhododendrons are amazing in early May. You can bet I'll be back around Mother's day.

Until then, I will embrace fall and wait...

Hello Fall!