Monday, December 16, 2013

The Incomplete List

I've caught the virus, the one that's been going around.

One of my favorite blogs, recommends you make lists when you're sick, something to pass the time on the couch, between raspy coughs and itchy sneezes.

My list will be visual, I thought. I can post a listing of my favorite photos from 2013. You know the photos I'm talking about, the ones that capture that moment, that special line or color that catches your eye, that shadow, that reflection, that singular texture.

Starting with my most recent photos, I worked my way backwards through time, skimming all the days past, the people and places I had encountered.

It wasn't long before I had exhausted myself. I've taken over four thousand photos in 2013! I had barely reached my way back to August when I had to give up.

So here is my visual list, which begins in August in Vienna, Austria...

A last visit to The Leopold

Then moves to London, England in September...

A London bus in Kensington
The Underground at Notting Hill Gate

Then to days at sea and arrival in New York...

On board the QM2

And to a visit to the California coast...

Moss Landing and the Salinas Valley

And finally to discoveries in Seattle in October...

Products of the Northwest

This is a recent photo, taken on one of many sunset walks this fall...

The Sound at sunset

Pretty amazing life, this.

I'd better get myself well soon. I hate missing out. :)