Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Patience is the hardest

A good friend wrote and asked me to share something I've been working on, so I've put up a sachet I embroidered recently. My friend and I used to paint together in Romania. She is a wonderfully brave painter, and I've never forgotten her advice to me… Paint as if you have no shame. Some would disagree with this, but the notion of leaving behind inhibition during the creative process makes sense to me.

Since I've moved to Seattle, I've not given myself much time for creative process. You know what moves do - all aspects of your life get packed away, jumbled up, and tumbled out when you reach your destination. It takes time to figure it all out, and it takes patience.

Patience is the hardest.


  1. So true, Valerie! I am still in the nesting phase after moving and it feels as if it's gone on forever. For some reason I need to finish that before creating again.

  2. Your friend is right---guess that is why kids create so beautifully. This piece of embroidery is very pretty !

  3. Thank you, Francesca and Adity. It's good to know I am not alone in this experience. :)


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